• Testimonials

  • Very thorough, professional, and informative. Thank you for the peace of mind..

    Karen D

  • The amount of relief and peace of mind Jim gave me is worth everything.

    Darren D

  • Pleasant, thorough. Peace of mind.

    Patricia S

  • It was great and amazing. Very thorough. I thought did a great job!

    Kevin F

  • Would hire again.

    Ives S

  • He is sympathetic and caring.

    Jon S

  • I am so happy with the results. Jim was/is outstanding. I am very content. He made me feel comfortable.

    Nancy K

  • Very satisfied and feel more comfortable knowing my house is clean securing the safety of my children.


  • Peace of mind goes a long way!!! Thanks Blessing Jimmie.

    Cheryl W

  • Extremely Professional – Beyond thorough – Fantastic.

    Elise C

  • Thank you for the clear, precise explanations of the activities. Your personable, pleasant manner and particulate explanations are appreciated.

    Joyce C

  • Jimmie is wonderful!

    Susan B

  • Very detailed and thorough.


  • Very accommodating, short time frame.

    Mark W

  • Great work and very pleasant.and understanding. Would definitely recommend.

    Stephanie C

  • Very professional and thorough with knowledge of the work Thank you.

    Penny S

  • Very thorough house sweep, no details left undone. Entire house was thoroughly swept using multiple devices.

    Stan M

  • I received great peace of mind to know that Jimmie is an expert in the field and did a comprehensive job on my home.

    Danielle M

  • Great professional job.

    George P

  • Jimmie is very professional. Explains every piece of equipment he is using and the purpose for it. No bug was found, but the service provided peace of mind.

    Elysa O

  • He explains everything in in clear English. I was very satisfied.

    Irina D

  • Provided assurance of privacy and safety of my home. Thank you.

    Mary R