• Stone Harbor Bug Sweeps

  • Stone Harbor Bug Sweeps


    Do you suspect you’re being “bugged”
    Watched, Listened to, or Followed
    in Stone Harbor Township?


    We can help you today!

     Our trained and experienced TSCM debugging technicians will come to your Stone Harbor home or Stone Harbor business to conduct a thorough physical and electronic bug sweep to help assure your privacy and peace of mind.


    Areas we conduct Stone Harbor Debugging Sweeps in the following areas:

    1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue, 3rd Avenue, 81st Street, 82nd Street, 83rd Street, 84th Street, 85th Street, 86th Street, 87th Street, 88th Street , 89th Street, 90th Street, 91st Street, 92nd Street, 93rd Street, 94thStreet, 95th Street, 96th Street, 97th Street, 98th Street, 99th Street, 100th Street, 101st Street,, 102nd Street, 103rd Street, 104th Street, 105th Street, 106th Street, 107th Street, 108th Street, 109th Street, 110th Street, 111th Street, 113th Street, 114th Street, 117th Street, 118th Street, 119th Street, 120th Street, 121st Street, 122nd Street, Corinthian Drive, Golden Gate Drive, Hallman Road, Paradise Drive, Stone Court, Stone Harbor Blvd, Sunrise Drive, Sunset Drive , and all the streets and businesses in Stone Harbor, New Jersey.

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