• Englewood Cliffs Bug Sweeps

  • Englewood Cliffs Bug Sweeps


    Do you suspect you’re being “bugged”
    Watched, Listened to, or Followed
    in Englewood Cliffs Township?


    We can help you today!

     Our trained and experienced TSCM debugging technicians will come to your Englewood Cliffs home or Englewood Cliffs business to conduct a thorough physical and electronic bug sweep to help assure your privacy and peace of mind.


    Areas we conduct Englewood Cliffs Debugging Sweeps in the following areas:

    6th Street, 7th Street, Alfred Avenue, Allison Drive, Anderson Avenue, Arthur Avenue, Ash Street, Birch Street, Cambridge Place, Carol Drive, Castle Drive, Center Street, Charlotte Place, Chestnut Street, Clifton Terrace, Connor Driv, Dillingham Place, E Bayview Avenue, Elm Street, Fairview Avenue, Floyd Street, Hickory Street, Hollywood Avenue, Hudson Terrace, Irving Avenue, Jane Drive, Jean Drive, John Street, Johnson Avenue, Karens Lane, Laurie Drive, Lyncrest Road, Lynn Drive, Marietta Street, Marjorie Terrace, Mercer Avenue, N Virginia Court, New Street, Pershing Road, Priscilla Lane, Roberts Road, Rock Road, S Virginia Court, Sherwood Avenue, Snyder Road, Stephen Drive, Summit Street, Van Nostrand Avenue, W Bayview Avenue, Wood Road, and all the other streets in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.